O Christmas Tree!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

In an attempt to have a more festive apartment, Ashley and I went to go get a Christmas tree on Thursday night. We were looking for something small and cheap. After visiting four Christmas tree stands, we finally found the perfect tree. Well, I thought it was perfect, but Ashley decided it was more fun to be difficult and insisted on looking at all the Christmas trees at that stand (before committing). I humored her and briskly walked to the end of the block scanning the trees. I felt confident in the first one, so we went back and bought it. He's a little guy but he fits perfectly in our cozy apartment. There happen to be a bag of Christmas lights in the closet that we used to decorate. (We were so surprised that all of the strands crammed in the bag actually worked. What luck!) Other exciting news: Mom and Kari come on Tuesday! I can't wait.


  1. Love your little tree! Hope you keep us all updated when your mom and Kari are there!