Day 2 of the Days of Mom and Kari

Friday, December 19, 2008

So I got off work early to spend some quality time with Mom and Kari. They met me at Sandwich Planet near my work. I know it sounds lame, but this is one of my favorite places to eat in the city.

We then went back to my place to drop of a few thins before heading to the Met. Unfortunately we discovered that the Met closed early on weekdays, so we headed down to Time Square to fix the whole ticket fiasco. We found out he that the show we were going to see on Saturday had closed, so we scurried to get tickets to another show. We were able to get tickets to Hairspray. Mom really wanted to see it and it's currently my favorite show, so I was down for seeing it again.

We then had three hours to waste before White Christmas, so we did the whole Time Square thing. We went to the Charmin bathroom. This is the best kind of advertising. We got our picture taken with the Charmin bear, in Santa's sleigh, and on the Charmin swing. They even gave you a picture of you in the sleigh for free. It really was fun. Especially when mom got up close and personal with the Charminn bear.
After the long bathroom break we went to Toys 'R' Us for candy. This is a tradition Sarah and I started a long time ago. No show is complete with out our little bag of candy from Toys 'R' Us.

We then headed over to White Christmas. It was the perfect show to see during the Christmas season. While some of the leads were kind of weak, the guy who played "Phil" totally made up for it. He was amazing and totally channeling Danny Kaye! Judy was pretty good too, but no Vera Ellen. Betty was weak the whole show but totally stepped it up for "You Didn't Do Right By Me." "I love the Piano" was my favorite song. It was perfect. It's a very old-school production with a a lot of tap numbers, but is one to remember. Good times!

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