What movie will be the last on earth…Hello, Dolly!? That sounds about right.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I have this really stupid tradition about not wanting to see Disney Pixar films after seeing the preview. I usually see the preview and decided it looks stupid and have absolutely no desire to see it, and don’t!. It happened with the Incredibles. I didn’t see that movie until my mom bought it for me. Do I like the Incredibles? I love it! When I saw the Wall-e preview, I thought the same as all the other. “Well, that looks lame.” You would think I’d learn. Well, I found a blog on Friday that had a review of the movie, and had all good things to say about the cute little movie. My roommate went and saw it and thought it was amazing and was willing to go see it again with me. We decided to hit up the $6 showing on Saturday morning. Did I like it? Let’s just say….I loved it! I want a man that’s like Wall-e. He’s perfect in every way. This movie is absolutely delightful! Well done Disney! I’m not too sure about the Chihuahua movie. I think Walt would be bitterly disappointed with that move.

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