Feels Like Home To Me...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I flew home last Wednesday night. I landed in Portland around 11pm and went straight home to go to bed. So like me. My first day at home consisted of my mom making my bridesmaid dress and me cooking the following: cherry pie, cookies, freezer jam, and enchiladas. My mom heard that I don’t do much cooking in New York and thought it time I learned. I think everything turned out ok. Everything was eaten and no one died. Sounds successful to me!

Fourth of July! I went early to the La Center Ward 4th of July breakfast at Lewisville Park with my mom to help her set up. It was fun seeing members of the ward and playing around with the Ririe girls. I told my mom that I have been having baby fever as of late, so she made sure I got to hold a baby. Sandy Ririe got in on the action and started bringing a series of babies for MR, Brit and me to hold. It was very funny. We ended up with three babies. Not bad. Sandy took pictures and I will try to get some.

My parents and I went to see Wall-e before making our way to the Hokanson’s for their annual 4th of July bash. I was really tired, so I ended up coming late (which I got crap for). We chatted it up and had a fun little photo shoot. Every moment is a scrapbook moment when you’re with the Riries. It was a lot of fun. What happened the next three days of my little vacay? I’ll post it tomorrow.


  1. hey wait a sec.. are you coming down here?! let me know K? we can do lunch or something!

  2. I am sad you were here and i did not get to see you!