Palmyra Trip: Temple

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ok, now for some more Palmyra trip pictures.

After the Sacred Grove and Smith Farm, we loaded the kids up for a short drive to the Palmyra Temple. I mean short. We probably could have walked it.

The Palmyra Temple is probably the smallest temple I have ever been in, but it was absolutely beautiful. The stain-glass was lovely! All the windows had images on the Sacred Grove. I hope I get to go back for another visit.

After spending some time in the temple, I forced the kids to pose for a couple of pictures. The boys were being very difficult, so I never got a nice picture of everyone. You would think it would be easy. One, Two, Three....look at me. Apparently this is not the case for the YM in my ward. That was just too many numbers for them. Look at met trashing the YM on my temple post! Terrible! I will repent later.

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