Girls Camp 2012: "What do you do on Saturday nights? Go down and throw rocks in the lake?"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ok, it wasn't on Saturday was Tuesday. And yes, we were down throwing rocks in the lake. Sister B asked if we (Sister P and myself) wanted to go for a little walk before the skits (Tomorrows Post!). We ended up down at the lake taking pictures (Sister B is a photography buddy of mine). It was so beautiful down there. The reflection was absolutely amazing! I'm not sure who came up with the idea, but basically Sister P started throwing rocks in the lake while Sister B and I tried to get pictures of the splash. Yeah, we're a wild, fun, good time! I think I ended up with over 50 pictures of rocks splashing in the water. :)

While we were documenting the impressive rock throwing skills of Sister P, we kept being startled by some serious splashing happening in the lake near by. After we were done with the pictures, Sister P and Sister B decided to head over to see what the splashing was all about. Sister P was so committed to getting to the bottom of the mystery that she started poking the water with a stick. All of a sudden this HUG fish attacked them! Ok, it didn't get out of the water and attack them, but it started splashing like crazy! I was afraid for their lives as they screamed and jumped. We're assuming it was a fish, but we couldn't really see. If you ask me it was an alligator! Luckily we all walked away with our lives!

Some of you might be asking, "If all the YW leaders were down by the lake....Where were all the YW?" That's a really good question!....and I don't have an answer. Ooops!

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