Girls Camp 2012: Skit Night - Old Spice Style

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday night equals skit night at Girls Camp. However, they don't do skits out here like they do back home. I remember always planning the skit the day of and just kind of throwing it together. Out here in New Jersey? They plan the skits weeks in advance! They even write up the script for the girls to memorize the lines! Crazy!

This year the girls did a play off of an Old Spice commercial. You know the one? The one with the guy that ends with "I'm on a horse."

The lovely Clara played the lead, while all the other girls did things to change the scene so she could move from one to another quickly. Jeff wasn't so sure about how it would turn out, but I think it did! Sister B took a video of it and I will share a link once it's up. For now, you have my pictures. :)

The Skit!

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