Girls Camp 2012: Tie-Dye and Craft Fun!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Girls Camp! I LOVE Girls Camp. I only got to go up for two days this year, but it was better than nothing (like last year).

I went to camp as the Tie-Dye Specialist (official title). What does that mean? Well, it means that on Tuesday I worked the Tie-Dye extravaganza down in the Craft Hut. I feel like most of the camp came down. I'm not sure the exact number of shirts we ended up doing, but I know it was close to 100. It was pure chaos! I just felt bad for the Craft Lady, cause we totally took over half the Craft Hut.

I have to give a shout out to Kimmy! She was my helper and she totally rocked the tie-dye scene. I don't really remember tying or dyeing any shirts, so I can only assume that it was all Kimmy! (Picture above (LEFT) is Kimmy refilling the dye bottles)

The two pictures that are bottom right are of Sister B crafting! She was showing her mad craft skills. She was coloring the boarder of her wood plaque with a Sharpie! It doesn't matter how you long as you enjoy it!

On Wednesday we started rinsing out the shirts. Luckily I had another helper (Mary), who came down and helped me with the rinsing! I don't know how many shirts she ended up doing, but it was a lot. She's the best! Unfortunately, it started raining so we had to bring all the shirts in and hang them from the rafters. Luckily everything turned out!

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