What else have I done this year?

Friday, May 18, 2012

I was just about to write yet another post about Brie, but then realized that all my post for 2012 have been about her. So...to change things up I'm going to spend the next couple days posting about all the other things I've been doing in 2012. Then I will post about Brie :) Until I have kids you're going to be getting a lot of pictures of her :)

 Since we got Brie we have been spending more time at Thompson Park. Jeff more than me, but I have really enjoyed the walks we've taken together. It's such a large park! We use to just walk the same path every time, but now Jeff is showing me different parts of the park. The Picture below was taken on our last walk.

At the end of our walk we crossed a field and found a bunch of deer just chilling. I was surprised that they didn't run away. I've really been enjoying our walks and the beautiful Thompson Park.

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  1. It looks like a cool park - more wild than manicured. I'm looking forward to some updates about you!