A Sex and the City Bridal Shower for the Lovely Ashley...

Monday, May 21, 2012

One of my "best, good friends," Ashley (roommate of two years in NYC), got engagement in January of this year. Of course we needed a smashing bridal shower to celebrate her and her upcoming nuptials.

We ended up deciding on a Sex and the City bridal shower since it was an evening shower and Ashley wanted her girls to get all dressed up.

I made the invitations in photoshop and had them printed at Staples. I really wanted to do circles, but I totally regretted it when it came to cutting them out! Luckily my sister gave me a circle cutter for Christmas :) I wanted to put a belt on the invitation, but it looked really boring so I ended up designing a little logo to put on it.

The party went well! We threw the party at the wonderful Kristin's apartment and crammed about 20 of Ashley's NYC favorite people in!

The lovely Karen made adorable quizzes in the shape of Cosmo Magazines! We had the guest guess how Ashley or Eric would respond to the questions. It was so much fun reading Eric (the fiancé) answers. Karen also included some of Ashley's favorite fashion tips and a cute little movie ad for the video I made for the event.

For the favors we did little mini patent leather purses that were mini manicure sets and nail polish.

Food? Yes you always have to have food. We did little mini desserts and bit size savory appetizers. Delicious!

It was such a great party and so wonderful to celebrate the lovely Ashley!

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