Atlantic City!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jeff and I went down to Atlantic City for a conference for the New Jersey State Bar last weekend. I love going with Jeff to these conference because I just hang out in the hotel and meet up with Jeff for meals. This time I had to work, but it was still fun!

View from our room.

View from the suite where the YLD threw their party.

On Wednesday night we went to a little restaurant called Chef Vola's with some of our YLD friends. Both the food and company was amazing! This restaurant is in a basement of a house and they cram people in there. Supposedly you have to make reservations a few months in advance in order to get in. Seriously, the food was amazing and I can't wait to go again next year.

I really do enjoy joining Jeff on his little business trips!


  1. What a beautiful view!

    Chef Vola looks interesting ... I want to know what kind of food they serve there? and I have to do to get a reservation.

    I also recommend dos cubanos

    1. It's Italian! A friend got the reservation the time I went. I hear you have to call the number several times over a few days to get someone to answer. You can get additional information on Zagat. I totally recommend it!