Friday Favorites: Pizza is my favorite!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I've always loved pizza! I don't care what's on it or if it's hot or cold....I will eat it. It's just so good.

While we were staying at Jon and Anne's, Jon made homemade pizza. I couldn't believe how easy and delicious it was! Yeah, it does take time to get the crust perfect (Jon has been making pizza for years), but I think it's totally worth investing my time in perfecting my own crust and making homemade pizza instead of ordering it.

I'm still working on it, but once I get the recipe the way I want it I will share. The above picture is one of my first attempts at it. It was good, but I have to get the baking process down. The center isn't cooking right. I hear it's best to make it on a pizza stone, but I need to figure that out. Cause you need the pizza stone to heat up first and then put the pizza on it and that just seems complicated. If anyone has any tips please let me know.

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