I'm Phoneless!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I would really love to have long memorable conversations over the phone with all of you, but alas that is not possible.

My phone randomly stopped working today. The powers on and the screen lights up, but the keys don't work. I had a friend try and call me to see what would happen, but it just went straight to voice mail. I don't have anyone’s numbers, because they are all in my phone. What's a girl to do? Whenever I have problems like this I always call my mom and have her fix them for me, but now I can't! I just feel so lost and alone.

My phone is only six months old! It's a baby! I knew it would be trouble from the very beginning. I knew I should never trust a purple phone.


  1. You're phoneless, I'm dealing with a semi-dead phone! Wow. We should totally meet up or something! ;)

    Seriously, I've been here a month, and I've only been into the city once since I got here... are you doing anything next weekend?

  2. I would hate to be phoneless! Good luck and I hope you get it figured out soon! Other than your phone not working how has your weekend been?