Trouble's coming my way!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So my dad and aunt are coming to stay with me for a few days. I love them both, but they are pure trouble! They are not here yet, but I already have the feeling I'm going to be playing babysitter. They called about two hours ago and told me they were at the airport and heading my way. They still aren't here. It doesn't take two hours to get to my hours from the airport. I think they may have decided to walk. They have tickets for a lot things for the five days that they are here. Did they invite me to do any of these things with them? That's a no! Oh, well. Wish me luck.

  (Here they are on the trolley in San Fran. Don't they look like trouble. This is the only pick I have of the two of them. It's hard to get pictures of my aunt.)


  1. I heard from your mom that they had a little trouble finding you. He he he I didn't realize they were coming out. Hope you can find some time to have fun and not have to babysit too much!

  2. you've got to thank your dad for me for the great (still unpainted) stool. it's seriously like the best thing ever.

  3. Well just think of it as practice. A warm up for when you have to take care of them when they get old! Ha ha ha..... Good luck! You might need it!