The Watermelon Outing

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It was another hot Friday night and I was sitting around watching TV and trying to cool. Kort had just returned from her run and exclaimed that she was going to the store to get watermelon. I thought this was a funny thing to crave and walk down and up four flights of stairs for, but seeing as I had nothing better to do (and I do so enjoy my little outings with Kort) I decided to go with her. We decided to walk to Fairways for our little fruit treasure. After an ice cream and other random stops we finally made it to the store.

Kort wanted a whole watermelon, while I was quite content just getting a little cup of it. She was discussed that I would buy it in a cup and insisted that I buy a whole one. Unfortunately I can’t stand up to peer pressure, so I decided to buy a whole one was well. We walked the six or so blocks with these heavy “burdens.” It was about half way back when I realized how ridiculous it was that I bought a whole one. Once we got back, we split those suckers in half and started eating. Of course we couldn’t even finish a half of one. We now have about 1.5 watermelons in our fridge. What ya gonna do? I will be eating watermelon for the next few days.

I really enjoy these random little outings with Kort. I hope we will still get to go on our little adventures even after I move up a few blocks.

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  1. Random activities can be the best! Watermelon is good too! So if you give in to peer pressure maybe I should use that to my advantage. ;o)