And we’re back in business…

Thursday, August 7, 2008

After suffering for five days with no phone, mom spending a lot of time on her phone with t-mobile, and shipping issues with UPS, I finally got my phone! Feel free to call! I don’t have all the numbers that were in my old phone, so if you call and I sound confused or don't answer - don’t be offended!

While trying to get my phone replaced, the people at t-mobile informed me that i needed to get my sim card replaced. A sim card should be replaced every three years according to them, and mine was going on seven years old. Thanks t-mobile! I have talked and/or showed you my phone several times in the past few years and no one ever mentioned that that could be a problem.

So my next project is to get a new sim card. Sorry for complaining so much about my phone drama. I am grateful for having a phone! Thanks again Mom!

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  1. You are the baby of the family.... love you.....