The Butt of the Batmobile? My life is now complete.

Monday, July 14, 2008

While walking home from work today, I discovered a crowd of people in front of the movie theater that’s next to my house. This is a common scene, so I wasn’t surprised. The crowed was larger than usual, but I just found them a burden and didn’t care to stop and see what this mass was about. I just made my way to the grocery store right across from the theatre, and didn’t think to see what movie was opening. When I walked out of the store I came face to face with the back side of the batmobile! Yeah, that’s right. The crowed of people were there for the movie premiere of the new batman movie. While the rear of the car isn’t as good as its driver, I was still excited. Of course I had to snap a pic of the famous ride. Yet another reason why I love New York!

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