I’m Temporary…

Friday, July 25, 2008

About a month after I arrived in New York a friend and I ran into one of the “New York locals” that we had met during an activity the week before. We started complaining about how hard it was to infiltrate the Manhattan social scene. The “New York local” looked at me and said, “It will take a long time because everyone sees you as - temporary.”

I was so mad. How dare they consider me temporary? I planned to get a job and stay here for a long time. What about me made me temporary? I figured it was the title “intern” that gave people the impression that I was not worth their time getting to know.

It’s been over a year since that day, and I have a great job and big plans to get my MBA. Unfortunately, I find myself moving for the third time since coming here. No, no, I’m not leaving the city. Just moving uptown a few blocks. As I was discussing the upcoming move with my mom, I realized that this will be the eighth time I have moved in the past 6 years.

I guess I’m a nomad and never linger long in one place. It takes about a year and then for one reason or another, I move. Am I really just temporary? I think I am! I am destined to be just a scratch on the timeline of Manhattan.

Well, I may be temporary, but I think I know more people that have left New York than have stayed. One day I will join this rowed of deserters. I think this great city will be a temporary part of my life. I just hope the friends I make won’t be.


  1. you are definitely permament in my life ;)

  2. Well you better stay in contact with me! ;o) Eventually there will be a bun in the oven and that baby is going to need their Aunt Erika!