Grandpa A. Visit May 2017: Central Park

Thursday, May 11, 2017

On Monday Grandpa and I took Cohen to the Central Park Zoo! Dad's visited several times and I've never taken him to the Central Park Zoo! Since he (and Grandma) gave us a zoo membership for Christmas, I figured it was about time we went. He was expecting it to not be so great (probably because I always said it was nice but small and not worth the price of admission), but he loved that it was small and you could see everything really quickly. It's also really beautiful in the summer with all the ivy.

I was thrilled with our trip because usually the Red Panda is sleeping or hiding and this time he was out eating and climbing around! We missed the bears because they were being lazy and sleeping, but I got a chance to see the penguin feeding!

We then headed to the Plaza to get a Black and White Cookie (Cause why not!) and then headed to a diner for lunch. All in all it was a good day.

The picture below (right) is totally a perfect representation of Grandpa's trip here. Cohen would not stop licking him (Poor Grandpa.)! Cohen was running on a whole different level. He was crazy hyper and soooooo excited to see Grandpa.

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