Back to Atlantic City!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Jeff had another conference in Atlantic city, so Cohen and I happily made the trek down with him. I feel so lucky that Cohen and I get to join him on these trips, because we get to hang out at the beach all morning, relax, nap, eat sweets, and then join Jeff for dinner. It's totally a great vacation.

Jeff's conference was at the Borgata, but we decided to stay at Caesars since it's on the beach and that's where Cohen and I wanted to be. Caesars is nice, but it's a little old. The rooms are clean and nice, but the past two times we've stayed we have had something broken (generally in the bathroom) in our room. That said, it's cheaper than the other casinos that we looked at and the two times we've stayed there they have upgraded us to a we are fans!

One perk of staying at Caesars is the Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill! I'm a girl that loves her Beef Wellington! Cohen has turned into a bit of a foodie (like his daddy) and he too really likes sharing my Beef Wellington. On our first night, we went to Morton's Steakhouse (also at Caesars). It was ok, but Jeff and I weren't overly impressed (especially with the price tag). Cohen LOVES steak so of course he was a fan. Our last night there we went back to Gordon Ramsay's. They were a little slow bringing out our food and they messed up Jeff's order, so they gave a dessert for FREE!

There's a great ice cream place in the lobby at Caesars which we enjoyed a little too often. Cohen LOVES chocolate ice cream and insisted on holding the cone all by himself. Let's just say we ruined a couple of his shirts with chocolate stains. 

Gummy Sharks are another one of Cohen's favorite treats.  There's a place called It's Sugar that' right across the boardwalk from Caesars and Cohen remembers it well and always insists that we go in and grab a few. It's such a bright and cheerful store. 

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