A quick trip to the New York Aquarium

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cohen took a tumble on Monday and hurt his arm. It's not broken (YAY!), but it's really sore and swollen. He won't lift it up or use it, but we do know he can move it. :) I decided that the playground probably wouldn't be a good option for him, so Jeff suggested we finally make the trip to the New York Aquarium. I heard that it's under construction and there's not a lot going on there right now, but Cohen got excited about the idea of seeing a shark, so we went.

Rumors were right and there's really not a lot there. Luckily it was part of our WCS membership, so we didn't have to pay anything (Once again, thanks Grandma and Grandpa A)! Cohen did enjoy the "temporary" shark tank and the sea lion show. It's going to be really cool once they have the construction done. Cohen and I will have to make the trek back down there in 2018!
Aquatheater: Sea Lion Show
Aquatheater: Sea lion Show

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