Disney World: Day 5 - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Monday, November 14, 2016

We spent our last day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The special treat was my friend Elizabeth and her two daughters met us there! I was so excited to see Elizabeth and spend some quality time with her girls. It was a short day for us. Of course it was hot, but it was our last day before we left for our cruise, so we had packing and laundry to do.

Cohen and Kari went to visit Donald and Daisy and then we watch the March of the First Order.  It was really cool. The stormtroopers march in and have an "inspection of the guard." The sound of their boots on the pavement and the Star Wars music in the background created an amazing atmospher.

We then went to Toy Story Mania and visited with Buzz and Woody. It was a short but good day!

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