Disney World: Cohen meets Peter Pan and Tinker Bell!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Grandma Anderson decided that we should dress Cohen up while we were at Disney World. (I guess that't the thing to do) She wanted to do a Jedi costume, but I opted in for Peter Pan in hopes that it would be cooler (I'm talking temperature wise...remember, it was hot!). Cohen made one cute little Peter Pan. He wouldn't wear the hat, but at least we got him in everything else.

When Cohen met the "real" Peter Pan, he was totally nervous and not sure what was going on. I realized after that this was the first human character that we introduced him to and he just wasn't sure about him. It was kind of funny. Tinker Bell was a different story. She was so fantastic. She got on the floor with Cohen and talked to him. She even asked him about the treasure and took him to the key to see if they could pick it up. At the end of the visit she kissed him and left a lipstick kiss mark. We left it there for the rest of the trip.

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