Disney World: Day 4 - Magic Kingdom...with Kari and Grandma Anderson

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On day 4 Grandma Anderson and Aunt Kari joined us! It was a fantastic day at the Magic Kingdom. Of course Cohen rode the carousel several times with Aunt Harmizzle. He sure loves that ride.

For dinner we went to Cinderella's Royal Table. It was such a treat! The Princesses were so nice, but I think Jasmine was my favorite. She was fantastic with Cohen! She asked him if he was a monkey like Aboo. When Cohen said yes, she asked him if he spoke monkey.  After Cohen gave her his best monkey impression, Jasmine declared that Cohen was fluent in monkey and therefore was in fact a monkey!

We dressed Cohen up as Peter pan also, but I will put those pictures in another post. Since this one is already getting so long! We had a fantastic day at the park! I can't wait till we can take Cohen there again!

Aunt Kari bought Cohen a big stuffed Pooh bear and Cohen was thrilled beyond reason! He insisted on carrying it everywhere.

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