Disney World: Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

Monday, November 7, 2016

On day three we went to the Animal Kingdom! Cohen loved the safari and seeing all the animals. We really didn't do much at the park. It was sooo hot! We grabbed an early dinner (We ate with Mickey, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy) and then headed back to the pool. We spent a lot of time at the pool this trip. I don't think I will ever travel to Florida again in September.

Cohen's Hippopotamus (or Hippo-the-Potamus)
When we were at Epcot, Cohen kept saying Hippo-the-Potamus when we were in front of the Finding Nemo Ride. I'm not really sure why he thought there was a hippo there, but he totally did. Well, when we went to Animal Kingdom, Cohen saw a real hippo and he was so excited. By then he was saying Hippopotamus instead of Hippo-the-Potamus.  When we walked into one of the gift shops on the way to dinner, they had a stuffed hippo and Cohen started cheering, "Hippopotamus!" He then grabbed it and started cuddling with it.  I'm not the type of parent that buys Cohen a lot of souvenirs when we travel, but I totally bought the hippo for him (this is literally the only thing I bought him at Disney World). He cuddled with it every night we were on our trip. It was just too cute.


  1. We have a friend who works at Disney and lives nearby. Visiting her is the kids' favorite time of year (other than the holidays).

  2. What great photos! I must say, it's awesome to see you in more of them, Erika. You look gorgeous!