Working in the yard with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jeff, Cohen, and I flew to Washington to visit with my family at the end of May. Dad retires in a few short days and we went out early to help him celebrate. Grandma had something planned for Cohen everyday we were there. Let's just say Cohen had a fantastic time!

Day 1: Grandma took Cohen out to the garden to plant some onions. It was so fun watching Cohen "help" Grandma. I think my favorite moment was when it actually came time to plant the onions. Cohen helped push some in but then grabbed the bag and dumped all the onions out on the ground. He then sprinkled the onions all over. Good times.

Grandpa then pulled out the tractor and took Cohen for a ride. Cohen loved it! He asked to go for rides the rest of the trip.

 I love my parents. They are so good to Cohen.

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