Cohen in the Snow....Thanks Winter Storm Jonas!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last weekend Jeff, Cohen and I hunkered down and enjoyed a nice little staycation at home while we watch Winter Storm Jonas bring us A LOT of snow. WE LOVED IT! We are not sure how much snow we got, because the wind was so strong which resulted in some really big snowdrifts. Let's just say Cohen loves snow! He wanted to go out all Saturday, but we didn't let him since it was so windy and there were branches flying everywhere. Now he can identify snow in his books (one of his current favorite books is "Bear Snores On" and as we read, he points and says, "Snow!" on every page).

After the storm was over, Jeff headed out to plow our driveway (luckily most of it was done courtesy of our neighbors). I bundled Cohen up in his new snow suit (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Anderson!) and finally let him out to play. We did really well with keeping the gloves and hat on, but then Jeff pulled a basketball out of the car and Cohen instead on trying to make a basket in the basketball hoop. Clearly the gloves were throwing off his shot, so he insisted (whined) until Jeff took them off. Next, he asked for the hat to be removed as well. Naturally Jeff obliged. Blah! Cohen 2, Mom 0! Well, I guess I do get 1....he did keep his jacket on. :)

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