Grandma and Grandpa Anderson come for a visit....Day 1

Monday, December 5, 2016

Last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Anderson came for a little visit. The main purpose of the trip was for Grandma to make sugar cookies with Cohen. I love my parents and their willingness to spend so much time with me and my family. They are amazing grandparents to Cohen. He has no idea how truly lucky he is.

On their first day here Grandma and Cohen made a gingerbread train. Cohen totally got into it! He really enjoyed eating the candy and frosting.  Some of the train was made of fondant and when we weren't looking, Cohen would sneak and piece and eat it. It was really cute.

We then headed to the Plaza for lunch. We had pasta and grabbed some black and white cookies for the road. The Plaza is decorated so nicely for Christmas and they have some some totally delicious treats. 

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