I HEART FALL and I HEART Pumpkin Picking with Ashley

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall is STILL my FAVORITE season! I especially love Fall on the East Coast! The leaves are absolutely beautiful and I love the nice little chill in the air!

In 2009 (When I lived in NY), Karen, Ashley, Jen, and I took a little fall trip up to Connecticut to pick pumpkins. We had so much fun, that we did it again in 2011 (It's my fault we didn't go in 2010....I was doing the whole getting married thing). Even though Karen and Jen moved away, Ashley and I decided to keep up the tradition and went in 2012 and 2014, but to New Jersey instead of Connecticut  (Once again it was my fault we didn't go in 2013....I was like 8 months pregnant and didn't feel like it).

Well, once again Ashley and I got together and traveled back to Connecticut for our little Fall/pumpkin tradition.

We did what we alway do.....1) Get pumpkins, 2) Buy WAY too many pastries, 3) Eat said pastries in the car, 4) Go to Target and wander around for hours and then fill the car to capacity (we actually didn't do as bad as we have in the past) and 5) Get something to eat! It's totally the perfect trip! Can't wait for next year!

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