Cape May Zoo with Cohen

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last week, Cohen and I took a trip down to the Cape May Zoo. I heard it was ranked the 13th best Zoo in the World by Trip Advisor. So, of course I was intrigued and Cohen and I made the 1.5 hour drive down there to check it out. (We are having a little work done on our house and the contractor said it would be best if Cohen and I left for 5 hours, so this is what I came up with)

It was a nice zoo and you can't beat the price (it's free - donations are welcomed), but I think the Oregon Zoo (which I don't think was included in the top Zoos) is a little nicer/better. 

What's cool about the Cape May Zoo is that it's set in a forest and there are several little bridges/walkways that go out over some of the animal pens. It really has a cool atmosphere, but I think what I didn't like about it is the size of some of the cages. It kind of looked like someone bought a tiger and built a cage in their back yard to put it in. Also, there were several animals that were there by themselves and it just looked really lonely and kind of depressing.

Cohen seemed to really have a good time, so I think the next time we go to Atlantic City with Jeff, we will take a trip down there again. Cohen was really intrigued by the large balls that were in the bison pen and the bear cage. He kept yelling, "Ball! Ball! Ball!" Awesome! Drove down 1.5 hours and Cohen got the most excited about the ball. It was really cute when he saw the bear and started to growl. Also, when we came to the cow paddock, I said, "Cohen, look a cow!" Cohen then immediately said, "Mooooo!" Well done Cohen! Well done!

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