So I need to be conscious of my posture...and what?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This quote was shared in Sunday school today. The lesson was on Celestial marriage (my favorite)...

I repeat some words from the newspaper column “Dear Abby”:

“The key to being popular with both sexes is: Be kind. Be honest. Be tactful. If you can’t be beautiful (or handsome), be well groomed, tastefully attired, conscious of your posture, and keep a smile on your face.

“Be clean in body and mind. If you’re not a ‘brain,’ try harder. If you’re not a great athlete, be a good sport. Try to be a standout in something. If you can’t dance or sing, learn to play an instrument.

“Think for yourself, but respect the rules. Be generous with kind words and affectionate gestures, but save the heavy artillery. … You’ll be glad you did” (Chicago Tribune, 17 March 1991, 6).

So, that's all I have to do... Hmm, I guess I will start with my posture and slowly work through the....who am I kidding...I'm screwed.

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