Pride and Prejudice (New and A&E versions) + serious craft time = the perfect weekend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Since I had the apt to myself this weekend, I decided to stay in and make it a complete mess (translation: had a little craft fun in the living room). I love making cards, but I sure make a mess when I do it.

I have been wanting to have a "lazy" weekend for several months now, but never seem to make it happen. Something always comes up. Well, this weekend I finally did it. I spent the whole weekend making cards and watching ridiculously long movies (one of my favorite past times).

After two versions of Pride and Prejudice (I so love the A&E version), Sense and Sensibility, and North and South, I created three sets of cards. I'm not really happy with how two of them turned out. What do you think? (The first two pics). I feel like they are missing something. Any crafty people out there willing to give me some suggestions? (PS. I swear the third one looks better in person)

I don't know why I make so many cards. I never do anything with them. But for some reason I can't just make one card. I need to make several of one kind. I'm out of control.


  1. I think they're all cute! I don't know if there are any other cute crafty girls in your ward, but my ward used to do a once-a-month card swap where you take a stack of a card you made and then come home with a bunch of different ones, I think every month had a different theme . . . anyways, I'm glad you had such a perfect weekend!

  2. I also think they're all really cute! I love putting stuff like that together, and yours look great!

  3. Cute! I wish I could make things like that!