Just Another Ride on the Bus

Monday, March 23, 2009

So...Elizabeth and I jumped on the cross town bus to get to Fifth Ave. I rarely ride the bus around town, but after this experience I think I might start.

I got on first and quickly made my way to the second of the two buses (it was a double bus). I got to the spinney part where the two buses connect (where I like to sit), but there was someone there and I didn't want to sit straight across from them. That can be awkward. So I sat in the first row of the second bus. Elizabeth quickly joined me. I was sitting there looking out the window enjoying my little bus ride, when Elizabeth nudged me and whispered, "look who it is?" I looked at the two people sitting in my favorite seat and realized it was David Duchovny and his little son!We both did our best to keep cool, but you could feel the excitement in the air. It was at this point that his son dropped his backpack and the legos he was playing with. He jumped down and picked up his things, but left a lone lego on the floor of the bus. Over eager and without hesitation, Elizabeth and I both politely alerted him that he had dropped a lego (enthusiastically pointing as well).

David and his son both leaned over to see the lonely lego on the floor. The little guy jumped down and picked it up. David smiled at us and said, "Thanks!" Yes, that's right. David Duchovny looked at me and said thanks. I think that pretty much makes us best friends. What do you think?

I tried to sneak a picture on my phone, but it didn't turn out overly well. This truly made Elizabeth's New York trip complete. Nothing says New York like a seeing a celebrity in the wild.


  1. how fun and exciting for you!

  2. When was the photo taken of David and Miller on the bus? Trying to settle an argument.


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  4. Sorry, it was taken on March 5th.