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Friday, March 20, 2009

So, I went to see Guys and Dolls with Elizabeth. I have never seen the movie or even know anything about the story. The only exposure I have to it is the song "Adelaide' Lament," which I love. I know the reviews weren't good, but I have learned not to always trust them.

Well, I liked it. Is it the best show on Broadway? No. Is the acting anything superb? No. But it was a fun and entertaining show. It was also fun seeing Oliver Platt, Lauren Graham, Craig Bierko, and Kate Jennings Grant on stage. That Craig Bierko looks amazing in a white suite (yumm!). I felt like Bierko and Grant had good chemistry, but I really wasn't feeling it between Platt and Graham.
As for Lauren Graham, I will say I was surprised. I didn't really care for her acting in the beginning, but by the end she grew on me. I'm not sure if it was the character or the acting, but it took me some time getting use to her. I was totally surprised when she started to sing. When she started "Adelaide' Lament" she was so so, but by the end I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth. Who knew she had those kind of pipes! It was so fun seeing her play this role.Best part of the show? When Nicely Nicely Johnson came out and sang, "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat." Fabulous! I could watch that number over and over again. Tituss Burgess was absolutely amazing!

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  1. I was in Guys and Dolls in high school! I played General Cartwright, although I always wanted to be a Hot Box Girl,