A Day at the Museum...Day 3

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We decided to designate Friday as the Museum day. The plan was to go to the Museum of Natural History and the Met. We spent the morning in the Museum of Natural History. I got to see more of the museum this time, and it didn't take much time. Even stopped for a little chat in the rain forest.We then took the cross town bus to the Met (no celebrity sighting this time). I have never been to the Met, so I was sooooo excited. I have heard that it's very large and can be a bit overwhelming. Boy was the an understatement. We really only saw two exhibits and were totally museumed out. I will have to pace myself and try and make it through the whole museum over the next few months. It's truly an amazing place.

I then took Elizabeth down to the East Village for a little Indian food. Look familiar. Yes, it's the place Sarah and I went to (Also also took my mom and sister here when they were visiting). I really love this place.Of course we had to get a little dessert, so I took Elizabeth to Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man. She loved it!
We then finished up the night with Guys and Dolls. I will be following up later with what I thought of the show. Elizabeth was a doll and stayed after with me so I could get some signatures! I love doing that! I should do it more often.


  1. Man, I was jealous when I started reading your post, but is that Lauren Graham?! I need to come back!

  2. Time Out!! Did you get Lauren Grahm's autograph?!?! How cool!! So I definitly need to make another trip to NY, and I promise not to fake lose your keys this time :)