Thanks, but no thanks..."Anonymous"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well, today I got a comment from one of those elusive "Anonymous" commenter's.  They commented on my "I guess I'm evil post."  

This is the comment they left me:
Anonymous said...

uhm...yeah, as a real disney fan, i too love their soundtracks. the villains usually have one of the bests...but ...yeah...rasputin from Anastasia....not disney...its 20th century Fox.

This is the comment I have for them:

If you read the post, "Anonymous," you will notice that I say "Disney/Animated Film" playlist. I do believe that Anastasia is an "Animated Film." Is that incorrect? Please let me know if I have made an error in some way. A real Disney fan would also notice that “How Can I Refuse” is not a Disney song, but is from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. Thanks for reading so closely.

I promise to never be this short with people not afraid to leave their name!  Promise! We're all friends here.

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