I would do anything for you, Sarah!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yeah, that’s right. Not only did I get a scone from Alice’s Tea Cup, but I got a cupcake too! All in honor of you, Sarah! (and my b-day)

I haven’t had so many sweets in such a short period of time. Last night, Ashley, Kort, Leah, Christine, and I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. Even though it was raining, we went to Little Italy to have dinner outside. We’re just hardcore like that. Little Italy has become my favorite new place. I just love going there! We then went up to Rice to Riches. I could eat that all day every day.

Christine and I went to brunch this morning at Alice’s Tea Cup. I had two crapes packed with sugar and then bought a pumpkin scone and a red velvet cupcake. (Sorry it wasn’t vanilla with white frosting and sprinkles, Sarah. But your sister converted me to red velvet). I feel like I have eaten my body weight in sugar. No sweets for awhile for me.



  1. Sounds good! Glad that you enjoyed yourself! Yay for sweets!

  2. happy birthday!!! glad you got to celebrate with all the sweets, the flowers and new plant.

  3. Aww!! I am so flattered! I hope you had a great day! I miss you so much! I seriously have not had a cupcake since i left NYC. When i come to visit I will be shoving them in my mouth constantly. I miss us!!