Cohen first "camping" trip and a day at the beach!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I know some might argue that this wasn't a "real" camping trip, but it was for us! :) My parents own a small lot of property in Long Beach, so we brought their travel trailer down and spent a couple days. Cohen, Auntie Harmizzle, and I slept in a tent while Grandma and Grandpa (Anderson) slept in the trailer. I was worried about the tent being a disaster, but we totally were comfortable out there and Cohen LOVED it!.

Cohen was such a big helper setting up camp. He helped Auntie Harmizzle with the tent and helped Grandpa Anderson carry all the firewood. Cohen took it upon himself to decide if we had enough firewood. He kept telling Grandpa we needed more. :)

After setting up camp we spent some time at the beach. This was such an experience for me (because I have been away for so long). I couldn't believe that they actually let people drive out onto the beach! It was amazedly convenient so we didn't have to lug the chairs and toys for miles. I also couldn't believe how cold it was! Cohen and I had just gone to the beach in New Jersey where the water was so much warmer and it was hot!

Grandma and Auntie Harmizle were so amazing and got down and dirty in the sand with Cohen!

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