Big Wheel Bike, Blueberries, and Trains!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Last week Cohen I headed out to the Pacific Northwest to visit family and go to my grandmas 85th surprise birthday celebration. It was a wonderful visit, but very very busy. It was nonstop go go go since the moment our plane landed.

For the first morning, before we left for camping for two days, Grandpa Anderson gave Cohen his big wheel bike. He has been talking about a bike for months now, so Cohen was thrilled beyond reason! He rode around the house (it totally reminded me of the Bobby's World Intro), but I think he had the most fun riding outside and in the garage.

After a quick ride on the bike he ran down to grab some blueberries with Grandma and then headed up to Grandpas shop to see the much-anticipated train display. My dad has been working for months on his model train set in anticipation of Cohen coming. Cohen was so happy to watch Grandpa run his trains.

Grandpa also gave Cohen a very special present, a train. This is just not any old train, it's the first train my dad (Grandpa) had (given to him from his grandpa)

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