Decorating the apartment with Mr. Sam

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cohen is obsessed with decorations and LOVES it when we get to decorate our house for a new holiday! Luckily, he has a grandma and an aunt (Grandma A and Auntie Harmizzle) who supply him with all the goods he needs every time a new holiday rolls around. A couple of weeks ago a package showed up with a bunch of 4th of July decorations in it. Cohen was so excited about the flags (he's totally a little Sheldon Cooper!). Auntie Harmizzle sent us a little Uncle Sam decoration (Cohen calls him Mr. Sam) and I had to put him up high cause Cohen kept grabbing it and I was afraid he would break it.  Cohen told me he wanted a flag and hat like Mr. Sam so, naturally Auntie Harmizzle sent him his own to help him get into the patriotic spirit.

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