Cohens first time out....the Pour House of course!

Monday, February 3, 2014

I've had Cohen on lockdown for the first couple months of his life. I haven't had many visitors over and I've only taken Cohen out to go to the doctors. I've been getting lip or judging looks from people because of this, but I don't care! The doctor said not to take him to public places (church, mall, restaurants, grocery store) for three months and I'm going with it. Depending on how this flu season progresses I might even extend it. However I did make one exception....

A couple of weeks ago Jeff talked me into taking Cohen out to dinner with him and a friend. I was totally nervous about the idea, but decided to take him anyway. I think it's very fitting that Cohen's first restaurant was the Pour House. This is one of Jeff's favorite local places and we have been more times than I can even remember.

Cohen was a total rockstar! I was nervous because he was having a mini meltdown before we left, but I put him in the car seat, swung it a couple of times and he was out! He was so out that he slept through dinner and woke up just when I had finished my meal. Then I fed him and we went home! It was a total success!

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