Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last night we went to bed with about three inches of snow and woke up to 7.5 inches. Storm Nemo has come and gone, but left us a nice layer of powder for Brie to play in! I'm grateful for all the snow because Jeff has been complaining that we haven't had much of a winter (To Jeff winter = snow). I find his complaining funny since it has already snowed a couple of times this winter. Apparently there is an snow inch requirement in order for it to count (aka...enough for him to use the snowblower). Silly Jeffrey.

We bought a snowblower a couple years ago (after the terrible storms of 2010/2011) and haven't really had the chance to use it. Jeff said when we bought it that we probably wouldn't get another storm. I told him I was fine with that. Sounded like good insurance to me! I was glad that he got to use it this morning. Boys and their toys!

Also, this storm gave us the chance to learn that Brie loves water in . She has been going crazy outside in the snow. She will eat a little snow, then go for a crazy run, then eat a little more snow, and then go jump on Jeff. It's been a good morning for her.


  1. Oh, she's just a delight! How fun to watch her take such joy in the snowy landscape... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #69!

  2. Love these snowy shots! Brie is such a cutie!