Food Photography: Week 6 - Breakfast Sandwich

Monday, February 11, 2013

This week I drew "Sausage and Eggs" for my food photography challenge. I was thinking of just making scrambled eggs with breakfast sausage, but Jeff had something else in mind...a breakfast sandwich. Since the breakfast sandwich sounded so good, I decided to do both this week :)

Jeff made a breakfast sandwich with sausage, swiss cheese, avocado, whole grain dijon mustard and a poached egg. I requested the poached egg because I thought it would look prettier than a fried egg. While the egg did look good it was a little tricky to eat on the sandwich (kept slipping out) and I ended up eating it with a fork and knife. It was still really good. Jeff said he would make it again but serve it as an open face sandwich.

 Jeff insisted on me taking a picture with the yoke broken. He said that that's what people want to see with a poached egg. I thought it didn't look as good, but he was the cook and I didn't want to mess with his masterpiece.

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