"Sandy my darlin', you hurt me real bad"

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ok, so she didn't hurt me real bad, but I can't believe the damage that Sandy caused on the east coast. There are so many people that lost their homes and family members.

Jeff and I are fine. We had a few tops of trees break off but nothing hit our house or garage. Jeff and I were very blessed that the only problem we had during the storm was loss of power. We lost it early Monday evening and got it back three days later. We fortunately have a fire place and a gas stove so didn't suffer too much, but the house was starting to get very cold by the end of day three. I woke up on Thursday morning and could see my breath. We were about to head over to spend the night at a friends house when the power came back on.

Several people have come over to charge their phones/electronic devices and get warm. The house has been very crazy, but I'm glad we can help out a little.

Now, however, we are facing a new set of problems. There is a serious gas problem with everyone needing to run their generators and drive to work since a lot of the public transit is down. The lines at the gas stations are ridiculously long (a couple of miles) and now they are rationing it off. Also, there are some shortages at the grocery store. Some stores have blocked of the milk section with tape and only store employees can hand it out.

I took these pictures on Tuesday morning.


  1. So glad you're safe girl! I've been thinking about you all week.

  2. Scary stuff - I'm glad you guys made it through without any serious problems. (Crazy when being without power for three days doesn't qualify as a serious problem comparatively!)

    1. Yeah, a guy in our ward lost his house and car and there are still people that don't have power and won't get it until the end of the week. Can you image being out of power for two weeks! Crazy.

  3. glad to hear how things are for you and that you're all well and safe. I did text your mom before you blogged though:)