A Quick Trip to Bird-In-Hand, PA

Monday, October 1, 2012

Let me step back for a second....some of you may have realized a trend over the past few years and that is that my family almost always takes a trip to visit me in September. I guess you can say it's an Anderson family tradition. :) Well, once again my family came out to stay with me for about 10 days a couple of weeks ago. This time they brought longtime family friend, Barb. She's such a good time!

I really love being with my family and I'm so lucky that they are willing to come visit and spend time with me. Apparently not all families like to do that and I've totally been taking my family for granted.

Anyways....the next several post are going to be about the adventures I had with my family.

Now....to Bird-In-Hand.

While my family was visiting we decided to go to Bird-In-Hand. They have a bunch of little shops and the Bird-In-Hand Market. I will admit I was a little disappointed in the market. I feel like the Reading Terminal Market in Philly is better.

However, we enjoyed eating whoopie pies, looking at the beautiful quilts, and checking out the assortment of crafts.

There was only one restaurant that we could see in Bird-In-Hand and it seemed like the local hot-spot. It wasn't really the best food, but it was fun watching all the locals interact :)

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