Two or More Covered Bridges?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

After the Amish Farm and House we decided to see some covered bridges. Kari and I were hopping to only see a couple of bridges on our way back home, but Jeff insisted that my mom and Barb would want to see more than two (he was complaining about having to drive all over the countryside to see them). Kari and I were confident that we would only see the bridges on our way home and were willing to bet on it. Luckily we never established the stakes of the bet because I realized after getting in the car that since Jeff was driving he would make us go to as many bridges as he wanted. Despite his annoyance of driving all over the countryside to see bridges, Jeff insisted on winning the bet  and   drove to four bridges! It's amazing what he will do to win a bet that we didn't even officially make.

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