Broadway: Curtains - So this is love?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sarah and I lost the Wicked lottery for the 100th time. We decided that we should celebrate this crowning achievement by going to a show we can get into. Sarah has been wanting to see Curtains for some time, so we went to tkts and bought tickets. The best decision I have made this year. I know we are only 29 days into this year, but it was still good. I love this show and more importantly…I love David Hyde Pierce! I could marry that man. Ok…I could marry Lieutenant Frank Cioffi. My heart belongs to him! My life will never be the same. I must return to the show to see him again. I don’t know how I can make it through another day without being in the same room with him. Ok, I know this is a little much but “you can’t help who you love Katie!” (sorry…Lost quote).


  1. p.s. that's a fun little heart tree thing you've got going on there.

  2. I've been wondering how that is! Thanks for the review!