E72nd Street Playground, Central Park, NYC!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For the past couple months Cohen and I have been working on visiting every playground in Central Park. Since we live on the West Side we have seen most of those with friends and for playdates, but we haven't been to many of the East Side playgrounds. Well, since the weather was so amazing last week, Cohen and I did a little tour of some of the East Side playgrounds.

We started with the E 72nd Street Playground. We actually didn't spend a lot of time here. While the playground was nice and clean, we weren't that impressed. They have a huge concrete structure with sprinklers, but it seemed like a bit much. There was a lot of concrete with not that many sprinklers. It seemed kind of like a waste. Also, they have the same concrete pyramid structure they have in the playgrounds near our house, so it didn't really offer anything new for us.

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