A Christmas Tree for Cohen

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cohen is currently obsessed with Christmas trees. Every time we go into a store that has Christmas decorations, Cohen points and says, "Tree!" Usually Jeff and I buy our Christmas tree closer to Christmas, but since Cohen loves them so much, we decided to get one last weekend. For the past several years, Jeff and I have bought our tree at HomeDepot, but I decided that was lame and wouldn't make for cute pictures. So, we decided to wander around to some of the local farms to see if they are selling trees. Luckily A Casola Farms was selling some! It was so cute watching Cohen walk through all the trees and point to one and say, "Tree!"  He was so upset when it was time to leave. I'm sure we are going to need to come up with an ornament placement strategy, since Cohen is currently going through a phase where if something is in his reach, he must have it and play with it. Not good for glass Christmas ornaments.