Four Months!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Four months! He's just getting so big and it makes me more and more sad. :( Time is just flying and I want it to slow down!

So, once again Cohen would not smile for me during our little photo-shoot. I really need Jeff or someone to help entertain him while I'm taking pictures. I just couldn't get him to smile while I hold my camera. I included a few pictures from my phone since that's when I actually capture his smiling.

Cohen at 4 Months
15lb 12oz

Cohen has discovered the toys that we put around him and now interacts with them. He has a little suffed monkey that makes crunching noises that he really likes to hold on to. He also likes to swat at the toys that hang over him on the play mat.

Holding or Pulling
I've been wearing my hair in a bun because when Cohen gets a hold of my hair, he won't let go! Cohen also likes holding our fingers and squeezing them. He has a really strong grip and it takes him awhile to let go.

Cohen has started stomping his little feet while in his crib. He use to do this little running thing where  he looks like a turtle on his back, but now it's turned into stomping. When he's in his glider he totally stomps his little feet and actually builds up a quite a sweat.

Jeff has started tickling Cohen and Cohen just laughs and laughs. It's just the cutest thing ever. I'm going to try and get a video of it soon.

Sitting....kind of
Cohen has actually been doing this for awhile, but I think it's been the last month that he's gotten really good at it. We can prop him up on the couch and he will sit there for awhile...then slowly fall over.  He has also been sitting in his high chair. I still can't believe how long he lasts in it. He will sit there and just watch me wash dishes, clean, or cook. I turn around every once in awhile and talk to him and he just smiles!

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